What's In Your Treasure Chest......

I grew up with an obsession for all things sparkly. The more shimmer and glimmer, the better! I’d cover an object in glue, dip it in glitter and in my eyes it was perfection. I developed a passion for identifying "diamonds in the rough" at a young age. I sought out flea markets, consignment and vintage stores to find one-of-a-kind unique pieces of costume jewelry. As a result, my collection became quite extensive. In my early 30's I realized I needed to find a way to put my keen eye for treasure hunting to good use, otherwise, my home would look like an episode of hoarders!

I began piecing together antique and vintage finds with designer items from my own (embarrassingly) massive, costume jewelry collection. It was a breath of fresh air! Instead of going out and buying a new necklace, I could redesign one I already owned, giving it an entirely new look and feel. Not only did I love wearing these pieces that nobody else in the world would own, creating them was the most exciting part.

Before I knew it, this “hobby” had evolved into 60 plus necklaces! I knew this was no longer a passion project and time to share my creations with the world, starting with friends and family. I received an overwhelming positive response and from there JbugJules was born.

Personally, I would like to keep them all, but having my own shop allows me to continue experimenting and evolving aesthetically. I design each and every piece as if it were for myself.

This line remains authentic to my passion for glitz and glamour; however I am a chameleon when it comes to style. Each collection showcases various creative techniques. I have diversified each category to provide something for absolutely everyone. I work hard to ensuring each piece maintains its own authentic quality and easily evolves to the needs of my customer. It is indescribably surreal to see someone wearing a JbugJules necklace and saying they feel beautiful.

The components used in each design come from sources far and wide. Each neckpiece is a plethora of high end, handpicked, new and vintage treasures. Each item is a thoughtfully curated combination of colors, materials and textures resulting in a unique, one-of-a-kind, wearable piece of art.

Materials used:
Swarovski Crystal
High quality brass
Mother of Pearl
Heliotrope Stones
Rivoli Crystal
Seed bead's
Mixed media pieces
Aztec beaded bibs
Tibet hand-beaded bibs
Vintage broaches, earrings and pendants
Clear, matte and multi-color iridescent crystals
Brilliant rhinestones in a rainbow of colors
Czech glass
Gold and silver
Tumbled polished rocks
Agate stones
Reconstructed antiques

Each necklace is a ONE OF A KIND original, handmade with love and care. JbugJules necklaces are the perfect accessory for a black tie event or with jeans and a tee-shirt (my favorite!).